When my dad, Bob Herring, was a young boy, he would ride with his father out to the extended family farm where my grandfather was born. He would walk the woods and meadows with Daddy and dream of a day when the land could be used to bless families - young people and old. My grandfather had a love for children. His own neighborhood in Rose Hill was full of them - including six of his own. He imagined a pond and playground and picnics at what had become to be called affectionately The Old Place.

Fast Forward. The little boy grew up and the land became his. He bought out the interest of other family members because he really loved the place. In this scene, I am the little girl. I remember the same vision being told to me - much like my father heard it from his own father. This vision was refined to include the desire to truly honor God and promote Jesus Christ in the lives of the people who would come and visit.

My dad, many years ago, began having retreats and various gatherings at The Old Place; but now this ministry on the land was appropriately called Rock Fish Meadows because it is right next to Rockfish Creek and because the rock and fish and meadows have spiritual symbolism.

Fast forward again. My dad is now in his eighties and I am a mother of grown children and grandchildren. They have also walked the land with me and with their grandfather and have heard the same dreams. But the dream is now a growing reality thanks to an extended community with a huge and generous heart and the Spirit that empowers and unites us in this purpose.
We have seen seasons of summer camp with great fruit (and great fun). We have seen many groups from churches and organizations enjoy the use of the facilities while they do their part to further the Lord's kingdom and work on the earth.
by Peggy Herring Guthrie

Our facilities now include over 200 acres of woods, meadows, and cleared trails; a meeting house with kitchen and restrooms; the old home place yet to be refined for use; four cabins with heat and air, handicap-accessible bathrooms, and bunkbeds to sleep 16 in each cabin; a covered stage in a natural amphitheater setting with some seating; a lake with sandy beach, a waterslide, kayaks and canoes; a vespers area by the lake; the beginnings of a ropes course; a pavillion; a ball field and various stations for outdoor games; and miles of beautiful woodland trails for exploring God's handiwork. 

We have plans and dreams for more--such as a lodge with a large kitchen, dining room, and meeting rooms. We need staff quarters and offices. As you can see, we could use your help!Join us in reaching the youth of our communities.